Microsoft Word Thesis Template File For Download

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If you do not plan in advance before start writing a thesis report you will find it more difficult and tedious than the actual research itself. Here you are give a Microsoft Word template file to start with for your report. The template file by itself is not the key to easy thesis report writing, however it’s utilizing the functionality provided in MS word that is the key. Thesis report format will be slightly different for different Universities and organizations. So you need to modify it to suit your requirement.

Specifications of the attached template file

  • Page Marines: Top 1″, Right 1″, Bottom 1″, Right 1.5″
  • Normal Text: Times New Roman 12, double spacing
  • No spacing: Times New Roman 12, single spacing (for text in tables)
  • Heading 1: Times New Roman 14, Bold, New page
  • Heading 2 / Heading 3: Times New Roman 12, Bold
  • Heading 4: Times New Roman 12, Italic

You can change the document to your requirements easily. But make sure you do it by editing the styles.

Why use the Styles

You must always use the predefined styles provided in MS word to style your document. This would give your document a definite structure.  It also makes it easy to change the document style later without going to each portion of the document to have it changed.  You simply have to only edit the style in the style manager and it will effect the whole document. More than anything else it helps you generate and update Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables etc automatically. This will save a lot of your time and effort.

According to the styles that I have set in the download file, the title of a chapter must be styled by ‘Heading 1‘ style. ‘Heading 1‘ always begins in a new page. So you don’t have to worry about a chapter not beginning in a new page when modifying your document. ‘Heading 1‘ is also required to be set as the chapter identifier so that you can use auto numbering of figures and tables in the caption.

How to edit MS Word Styles

To edit a default style follow the steps shown in the picture above. Click the arrow at the bottom right corner of the style box to display the styles list. At the bottom of the newly opened window you will see 3 small buttons. Click the button with the pen icon (right most) to open the styles manager window. In this window you select the style and click the modify button to modify it. At the bottom of the Modify Style window you can see a format button. Clicking this button lets you select different apsects of style that you want to modify, such as Font, Paragraph, Border etc settings.

Structuring your word document

Before you begin you must tell word what your document structure is going to be like so that it understand what you are doing. For this you select an appropriate ‘multilevel list’ from the home tab. By default there is no list style. Without a list style its not possible to generate the appendix and other lists automatically.

Adding Caption For Tables and Figures

It’s necessary that you use the ‘insert caption’ feature to add caption for figures and heading for tables so that caption number and table numbers are added and updated automatically as you edit your document. Select table or figure that you want to add a cation to by clicking it and then click the ‘Insert Caption’ icon in the References tab. In the popup window you can select the label, style of numbering etc for the caption.

Now if you want to create ‘List of Tables’, ‘List of Figures’ etc you click the ‘Insert Table of Figures’ icon. Here you have many options that you can tweak to suit your requirements.

MS Word Help Videos

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Download File

MS Word 2010 Thesis Template Dowload

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