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Microsoft Word Thesis Template File For Download

If you do not plan in advance before start writing a thesis report you will find it more difficult and tedious than the actual research itself. Here you are give a Microsoft Word template file to start with for your report. The Read the entire post…


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Joining Three or More Tables in SQL With MySql (Nested Joins)

Joining three or more database tables seems a bit tricky. But once you know how to join three tables you can literally join any number of database tables. For the purpose of this tutorial I have four tables named Table1 Read the entire post…


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OpenStudy – World’s Largest Study Group Helps You Learn Smarter And Faster

Internet had revolutionized the world. Out of all the ways that the internet had transformed the world, the most outstandign one is knowledge sharing through interaction and Collaboration. Second most important thing after the internet itself are the search engines Read the entire post…


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Horizontal Multilevel Menu That Expand On Mouse-Over With CSS (Without Javascript)


Commonly the multilevel navigation menu in the websites were powered by JavaScript to show and hide the sub-menu elements when the mouse is over a parent menu. The same effect can be achieved by simple CSS. Now you might think Read the entire post…


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How To Adjust Textarea Label Position Without Table


If a label is placed next to a textarea the text will be place at the bottom line. Often this don’t look good. In this tutorial I will show how you can have the label placed anywhere along side the Read the entire post…


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Rounded Corner Elements in HTML Using CSS And Images With Variable Width and Height


There are many ways to make rounded corners in HTML. Many of the new browsers support CSS styles to make rounded corners especially the ones that support CSS 3.0. This post show how you could make rounded corners with CSS Read the entire post…


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WolframAlpha Will Solve And Teach Your Math Lessons


WolframAlpha is a website that can help you with your learning. It provides answers to your Mathematics, Physics, Chemistery, Engineering, Astronomy and other social science questions. Out of all, WolframAlpha can be the most valuable to your math education. It can solve almost all kinds of math problems automatically. It can solve Algebra (quadratic equations), Calculus (diratives, integrals), Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and a lot more.


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Flash Actionscript 3.0 – Retrieve Directory URL Of The SWF File


Usually when you want to load a resource like an xml or picture file from an SWF file you either specify the relative path or the absolute path to the resource. The relative path is the path that the resource Read the entire post…


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Synchronizing Pre-recorded Audio Narration With Microsoft Power-Point Slides


Different Possibilities For Synchronizing Audio to PowerPoint Slides There are many ways to synchronize an audio narration with power-point slides. The first way is to record your narration as you play the slides (‘Slide Show’ tab, ‘Record Narration’). Microsoft Power-point Read the entire post…


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India Developes $35 Tablet To Bridge The Digital Divide


The government of India has unveiled a prototype of a touch screen, tablet computer which it expects to sell for $35 (Rs 1500 ₹) initially. It’s the effort of the Indian government to bridge the ever widening digital divide in Read the entire post…


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Extracting Data From WordPress Database and Convert Into XML Format


Recently I had to develop a dynamic website that lets the user update company information and upload product images to image gallery. I didn’t give a second that about which CMS I am going to use. The answer was obvious; Read the entire post…


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Label Inside Textbox That Disappears On Focus, With Javascript


You might have come across many websites that have fields that display the label of the filed within the filed. The most common among this is the search box. Many websites also uses this technique with the registration forms and Read the entire post…


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Customizing and Embedding Google Docs Form in your website.


The advantages of using the google docs are many. When it comes to using the google form, thought there are many advantages there are some disadvantages as well. The advantage is that you can quickly build a form and get Read the entire post…


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One Laptop Per Child version 3 (OLPC-XO3)


OLPC originally aimed to sell the low-cost laptops in lots of one million to governments in developing countries for $100 each. The group behind the $100 laptop has revealed the design for its latest computer aimed at connecting children in the developing world. However, the non-profit organisation had difficulty getting governments to commit to bulk orders.