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Submersible Watercraft Lets You Cruise and Explore the Waters Like a Dolphin

Innespace is the company that designed and built the innovative enclosed submersible watercraft named Seabreacher. Part powerboat part submarine, it’s more than a pleasure boat. What makes this Seabreacher watercraft unique from the rest of the water-sport crafts are the Read the entire post…


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Label Inside Textbox That Disappears On Focus, With Javascript


You might have come across many websites that have fields that display the label of the filed within the filed. The most common among this is the search box. Many websites also uses this technique with the registration forms and Read the entire post…


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Make the Stickman animation yourself, with Pivot


Just today as I was browsing the BBC website, I came across the software application to build simple stickman animations. The freeware application called ‘Pivot’ is very easy and handy to use. Play around and you will realize it.


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Mac Vs PC, Ad War


You probably have noticed Microsoft ads “laptop Hunter” online or on TV. This is in Microsoft response to the “Mac Vs Pc” series of Ads that Mac is showcasing. For those who haven’t seen it, the premise is simple; Give Read the entire post…





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Human Abduction Test


I have always been a fan of PIXAR animation studio. All their animation movies are creative and most of all, entertaining. This is an animation about a baby extraterrestrial being taking a test on human abduction. Human abduction is a Read the entire post…


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Creative Artists Convert Dirty Cars Into Canvas


I have always been lazy to clean my car. Cars covered in dust are filthy and disgusting sight. A bunch of creative artists have found potential for art creation in these. Filthy Car shields have turned into the canvas for Read the entire post…


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Mama, How Was I Born


Its obvious that in some early point in our life we would have come across the question “How was I born?”. Most parents, especially depending on cultural backgrounds avoid answering this question, Or will come up with some creative answers Read the entire post…





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13 Years Old Father


This is a news that caught my attention on TV yesterday. Its the story of a 13 year old boy and 15 year girl couple that have a new born child .The reason it caught my attention was not just Read the entire post…


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Some Funny Thai Commercials

Thai people are gifted with humor. This is reflected in most of their commercials. Here are a list of some of the commercials that I was able to find on youtube. I see a lot of Thai commercials on TV Read the entire post…