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The Most Loved Disciple of Jesus

When you read the title of this post you must have already been preoccupied with some names of disciples whom you think is the closest to Jesus. You must most likely be expecting Simon Peter and John to be the ones. Peter is a candidate Read the entire post…


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Mystery and Masonry Behind the Great Pyramids of Khufu at Giza

Egyptians are known for their extensive and detailed record keeping. They have recorded all aspects of Egyptian lives from agriculture and harvest to the lives and death of their kings. They have left about 3000 years of written and pictorial Read the entire post…






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What Is Real Beauty Or What Really Is Beauty?

Often we think beauty is all about the visual aspect of someone or something. Lets look at a couple of examples on how we use the word beauty: beautiful girl, beautiful song, beautiful performance, beautiful weather, beautiful speech, beautiful scenery, Read the entire post…


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Dangers of High Blood Pressure; Facts and Information


What is Blood Pressure? When you have your blood pressure taken, your health care provider is measuring the pressure, or tension, that blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels as it travels around the body. In a healthy Read the entire post…


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Bottled water, an economic and ecological disaster


Bottled water is considered to be safe by most people, which is a popular myth. The amount of money and resources that are spend to bottle drinking water and transport it around the blob is huge. Studies have shown that with just a fraction of this money we can provide drinking water and sanitation to everyone on earth. At the same time we can reduce that strain that we exert on earth. Are we trying to stimulate the economy by producing more at the cost of our environment?


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Tansforming Deserts Into Forests


The Sahara Forest Project combines two proven technologies in a new way to create multiple benefits: producing large amounts of renewable energy, food and water as well as reversing desertification. A major element of the proposal is the Seawater Greenhouse; Read the entire post…


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Mama, How Was I Born


Its obvious that in some early point in our life we would have come across the question “How was I born?”. Most parents, especially depending on cultural backgrounds avoid answering this question, Or will come up with some creative answers Read the entire post…


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The Day The Earth Will Reset Itself

The movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ was an inspiring movie for me. The movie looks like a science fiction movie but with less graphics and no horrifying align characters. For some the movie is not so mush impressive Read the entire post…


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Time For Humanities Next Paradigm Shift

Humanity had always put up resistance to changes. Man sees changes with fear. Those who have tried to bring about positive changes to the society had always faced tough resistance and often prosecuted. History had given us many martyr like Read the entire post…