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The revenge of Moloch (Baal)

Before I begin, let me inform you that this could simply be the work of my monkey mind. I am trying to stitch together two events in human history that at fist glace has nothing in parallel. One is a Read the entire post…


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The Most Loved Disciple of Jesus

When you read the title of this post you must have already been preoccupied with some names of disciples whom you think is the closest to Jesus. You must most likely be expecting Simon Peter and John to be the ones. Peter is a candidate Read the entire post…


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Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha, Similarities and Differences

Buddha and Christ, the two personalities that have rerouted the course of human history; Both were born in the Asian continent, both destined to instill light and love to this world. One influenced the eastern hemisphere and the other the Read the entire post…


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Early Life of Virgin Mary Till The Birth of Jesus Christ


Its the Catholic Church that gives most importance to the Virgin Mary among all the Churches. But yet they fail to give an account of her early life in their version of the bible. Here I have tried to give Read the entire post…


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The Day The Earth Will Reset Itself

The movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ was an inspiring movie for me. The movie looks like a science fiction movie but with less graphics and no horrifying align characters. For some the movie is not so mush impressive Read the entire post…


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Time For Humanities Next Paradigm Shift

Humanity had always put up resistance to changes. Man sees changes with fear. Those who have tried to bring about positive changes to the society had always faced tough resistance and often prosecuted. History had given us many martyr like Read the entire post…