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Simple Multiple Word Search Engine Concept With PHP & MYSQL

Searching the database for a single word is easy. How about if you want to have a multiple word search? With ordinary search it will only show the result if there is an exact match for the word sequence. What Read the entire post…


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AIRBUS Concept Plane For Year 2050 With Bio-metric Seats and Transparent Cabin

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus had unveiled a concept airplane for the year 2050 that would transform the present day tiring air journey to a sightseeing strip. The aircraft has a lean structure with a blended fuselage and blended wings. The tail Read the entire post…


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Chinese Innovative Metro Road Transportation Concept


China is grabbing attention in recent years for many reasons both good and bad. This post is regarding a unique road transportation concept that have come from China. Its is a concept that resembles both a bus and a train Read the entire post…


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Periscope Shaped DSLR Camera Concept by Yaniv Berg


Yaniv an industrial design student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, as his project in the 3rd year came up with this unique DSLR design. This DSLR concept is designed with its body and lens as continuation to elongate Read the entire post…


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Airborne Wind Turbines To Generate Power From Uninterrupted High Altitude Wind


Joby Energy is developing airborne wind turbines which will operate in the upper boundary layer and the upper troposphere. While knowledge of the tremendous energy in high-altitude wind is not new, recent advances in power electronics, sensors, and control systems Read the entire post…


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Physalia, A Concept Sailing Garden To Clean Rivers and Waterways


Physalia is a vessel, 100% self sufficient in energy, whose bionic structure is inspired from the pneumatophorous called also “Physalia physalis”, from Greek physalis that means “water bubble”! As this aquatic pneumatophorous, the project is relevant by its perfect symmetry, Read the entire post…


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Dyson air multiplier, a Fan with no blades and no buffeting


The Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan works very differently to conventional fans. It uses Air Multiplier™ technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times, producing an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. With no blades or grill, it’s safe, easy to clean and doesn’t cause unpleasant buffeting.


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One Laptop Per Child version 3 (OLPC-XO3)


OLPC originally aimed to sell the low-cost laptops in lots of one million to governments in developing countries for $100 each. The group behind the $100 laptop has revealed the design for its latest computer aimed at connecting children in the developing world. However, the non-profit organisation had difficulty getting governments to commit to bulk orders.

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Oyster, the wave power harvester from Aquamarine Power


“Oyster”, a giant flap twice the height of a double-decker bus which swings back and forth with the waves. Every time the flap moves, the action compresses hydraulic pumps which force water through a pipe to the shore where it drives a generator.


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Rolltop computer with flexible OLED, a concept device by orkin-design


Rolltop Computer, is a portable stylized computing device that can act as a laptop, tablet, eReader or even a TV. The device comes with a flexible OLED display which also handles multitouch.


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Roads to Harvest Solar Energy


Scott & Julie Brusaw are the founders of Solar Roadways. The Solar Roadway is a series of structurally-engineered solar panels that are driven upon. The idea is to replace all current petroleum-based asphalt roads, parking lots, and driveways with Solar Read the entire post…


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Morph, Nokia Concept Device


The Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to end-users. This device concept showcases some revolutionary leaps being explored by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom) Read the entire post…