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Customized Mass Mailing With Gmail

If you have a Gmail account (or a Google apps email account), did you know that you can mailmerge emails, so each recipient receives a personalised email? A consulting firm called IT4SmallBusiness whipped up a simple e-mail merge tool in the form of a Google Docs template. The spreadsheet and accompanying script are provided free for your use, and without any warranty. Whether its for wedding invitation or other invitations, you can now send personalized messages to 100’s of people in Gmail with just one click.


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Adding Image to Your Email Signature In Gmail From Picasa


Google had enabled adding image to the gmail signature. This was a much awaited feature. But it doesn’t allow you to directly upload any picture. Instead you will have to upload your picture/image to some online photo album or file Read the entire post…


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Compose HTML Mail With Embedded Images

You might often receive advertisement mails or greeting cards with embedded images. How you wondered how this is done? Its not too difficult to achieve this. If you are not familiar with HTML authoring, you must have a html editor Read the entire post…